Does shaving your head help hair growth?

Does shaving your head help hair growth?

To be honest, if you think shaving your head can help in growing thicker and gorgeous hair, you might just about be mistaken. Hair growth depends on your genetics, lifestyle, hormones and other factors and has no relevance to shaving whatsoever. Just because you have shaved your head, the diameter of the follicles do not increase. When hair grows back after shaving, it is in reality coming back from the same follicles that you shaved away. These are also embedded deep into the skin of the scalp and clearly shaving does not dive so deep into the hair root. Once you have shaved, within 12 hours, hair starts appearing again from the same follicles.

How does the process of shaving work?

In fact more hair regrowth after shaving is only an illusion. Due to shaving, the hair shaft becomes blunt and is very visible. It is due to this that hair seems to look thick and voluminous. While extra hair growth does not happen, the newer hair does grow back without any damage to it. This type of new hair growth is automatically termed as virgin hair. Which means, the hair is free from chemical treatments and is not subjected to wear and tear, yet. Regular hair trimming can remove all split ends and damaged parts of the hair. Besides, shaving hair is a great move if you are having dandruff because you can banish it from its core.

Advantages of shaving your hair

While going bald itself is not a solution to your hair woes, here are some advantages of shaving your head.

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