About Us

History of Regrowz

In 2015 whilst travelling through a small village in India I came across an age old Ayurvedic treatment that treated hair loss. It really grabbed my attention as not only was it all natural, but the treatment also obviously worked as all the villagers had glorious heads of hair.

After seeing the benefits of the treatment for myself, I decided to conduct a Study through Princeton Research in London and New York and we enlisted 50 subjects to use the treatment over a 3 month period. Quite amazingly all 100% of the subjects achieved an improvement with the average reduction of their bald area of 39.41%.

With these results I knew I had a product for which there would be huge demand especially being 100% natural with no known side effects. Further investigation of the ingredients revealed it contained natural ingredients which other studies had shown to work in the way of reducing the effects of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which gave us a clear understanding as to why the product worked.

I enhanced the product by adding beneficial essential oils to assist with the aroma and ease of application. Further developments to the packaging and some bespoke designs to the applicators for the women’s comb and bottles meant we were ready for launch in 2016.

We called the product ‘Regrowz’. We then realised we needed to enlarge the range by adding Shampoos and Conditioners and Hair Supplements that would further enhance the hair growth and hair improvement journey but retaining the Company ethos of working with only natural ingredients. The Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner became a must have accessory as well as the Supplements because of its ease of use. All of which have seen great customer results. The Nourishing Shampoo improves the quality of one’s hair and the anti-dandruff addresses flaky, and scaling caused by stubborn dandruff.

Regrowz now has in excess 10,000 customers and growing with 1,000’s of customers who have witnessed the success of Regrowz.

It is our intention during 2023 to launch further products to compliment the Regrowz range including a Natural Hair Oil, Gummies, Eyebrow Brow Serum, Eyebrow Lash and Beard Oils.

Our goal is that Regrowz is known as the Healthy Hair Company that only uses natural ingredients that have no known side effects but work and deliver the results.