The Independent - Best Hair Growth Shampoo

The Independent - Best Hair Growth Shampoo

We were recently featured in The Independent and won the best natural shampoo. Please find review below:-

Best: Natural formula

Rating: 9/10

This bright green bottle is a great pick if you don’t like sweet, floral fragrances. The all-natural formula has a fresh, herbal scent, thanks to the impressive list of botanicals that have been condensed into the rich shampoo. Instead of damaging parabens and sulphates, you’ll find a blend of rosemary oil, coconut, almond, and holy basil. It also uses natural ingredients to inhibit DHT, which can cause hair loss, and biotin which may help to stimulate hair growth.

The thick consistency creates a decadent lather, although it can mean that the dispenser needs to be pumped a few times to release the product. We worked it into our hair, stimulating the scalp to increase circulation and encourage growth. After use, our hair felt like it had been deeply cleaned, and once we had tried it a few times we definitely felt that our hair was in great condition, looking thick and healthy.

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